Vision from Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations

Vision from Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations

concert in China

I have met Mehri Madarshahi, who after a long career with the United Nations has founded the organization “Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations”,and is now dedicated to cross cultural interaction and upliftment through music…….here are her words……..

After more than 26 years at the United Nations, I asked myself whether it was all worth it. A full answer did not come that quickly until my professional retirement prompted a need to reinvent myself. I chose to become an impresario by promoting the magic of music as a vector for dialogue and communication among nations. I employed the timeless, universal language of music to create awareness about the most burning social, environmental and ethical issues facing our global community. The richness of the global musical tradition from all corners of the world provided a fertile foundation to promote respect and understanding among different cultures. Today, being a successful social entrepreneur and a more astute observer of the interconnectedness of our global community, I treasure the knowledge and experience that I gained through my diverse career at the United Nations. It has not only helped me grow as a person, but it has helped me become a keen student of the possibilities that music can achieve as a catalyst for understanding.

– Mehri Madarshahi

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I was fortunate to participate in one of their programs in China, a wonderful experience…….we need more people with vision and dynamic action like Mehri !!

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