Advisory Council

Paul Horn-­‐ world renowned flutist, grammy award winner and recording artist of “Inside the Taj Mahal” as well as dozens of other recordings.More information about Paul at



T. H. Subash Chandran– South Indian
percussion maestro, well known for his performances on ghatam and konnakol
(vocal percussion). More information about Subash at



Ed Sarath-­‐director of jazz studies at the University of Michigan and founder of the International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM). More information at


Hobey Ford-­‐ world renowned founder of Golden Rod Puppets for more information see


Steve Zerlin-­‐ bass virtuoso, instructor at Swarnabhoomi Academy of music in South India.



Ganesh Kumar-­‐ one of SouthIndia’s top percussionist, Ganesh is a virtuoso on the kanjira. More information at


Neela Bhagwat-­‐a vocalist from India representing the Gwalior style of singing. Also a composer and teacher of high repute. More information at


Rob Levit– ­‐ a renowned jazz guitarist and composer and Founding Director of Creating Communities, serving the homeless, adults in addiction recovery and talented but economically-disadvantaged youth with life-changing arts programs.


Steve Bloom-­‐ multi-­‐ethnic percussionist, and founding member of “Dance Place” in Washington DC. More information at


Byron Duckwall-­‐ Top classical western cellist performer and teacher.


Subijoy Dutta-­‐ environmental engineer and member of “Rivers of the World” non-profit group.


River Guerguerian-is a multi-percussionist, composer,and educator. More informaton at