Featured Artists


Facing East World Music Ensemble

The “Facing East” ensemble is a true “east meets west” experience. Led by John Wubbenhorst on (bansuri flute, western flute, keyboards and vocals), the group integrates Indian ragas and modern jazz and other forms. John’s eclectic background of years of study with Indian masters and jazz greats gives him the background to be at home with east or west. Not unlike the world music group “Shakti” with John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain (but also uniquely different), this group traverses east and west effortlessly. CLICK HERE for more details…….


Bright World Ensemble

The “Bright World Ensemble” is an experience of poetry in motion with music and dance. Currently they are playing shows titled “Mystics, Poets and Saints – a journey into the ecstatic state”.. With the poetry leading the way, the music and dance freely improvise in this context……..CLICK HERE for more details………


Classical Music of India offerings

Bright World Arts is a deep supporter of the classical music of India. This year we are featuring the Dhrupad tradition from North India and the vocalist Nirmalya Dey. CLICK HERE for more details……..



Bright World Arts is proud to let more people know about the diverse, visionary and eclectic Art expression of the DancEvert Dance company led by Tom Evert. CLICK HERE for more details……..