Samrat Kakkeri

Samrat Kakkeri comes from a long line of musicians and has devoted his life to the art of Tabla. He inherited his talent from his father Pundit Mohan Rao Kakkeri who was also his first teacher. He is considered a child protégée who has received acclaim as an accomplished tabla player (drummer) from early age. He has performed both as a solo artist and accompanying artist all over India.

Samrat started his training at an early age of five with his father and later with the Sri Ganjender Shewalker. He strongly believes in the importance of Guru Bhakti (devotion) and Riyaz (practicing). His routine of rigorous practice has led to many awards and accolades.
Samrat is also trained in the unique art of tabla playing for Kathak style of classical dance from north India. He received this training from his father, retired professor of tabla at Thyagaraja School of Music & Dance. He provided live accompaniment with some prominent Kathak dancers including Urmila Nagar, Nilima Devi Musician like Vishwa Mohan bhat, Khakana banerjee, Irshad Khan,Satish Vyas. He has also assisted with composing music for the Kathak ballets “Megh Dut” and “Panch Bhoot” as well as played Tabla for the recording.

Besides being an excellent performing artist he has been teaching Tabla and has trained several students in this art form.
Popularly known as the “Kakkeri Brothers” he has presented several concerts with his brother Sawan Kakkeri.

You can reach Samrat at 415-717-4482    or email