Yoga of Sound Immersion weekend.

We have designed a complete weekend experience to take you into the depths greater consciousness through music and sound.

Starting with a Friday night “Classical Indian Ragas concert”

This concert will be performed on the ancient bansuri flute from North India, playing sacred Hindustani North Indian classical ragas that John learned from his over 4 decades of study of this art form. John is one of the leading western exponents of the bansuri tradition learned from his bansuri guru, the great maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia. accompanying John is tabla wizard Samrat Kakkeri who began his studies at the age of two years old from his father Pundit Mohan Rao Kakkeri. This concert will transport you to a blissful, meditatvie and exhilerating place of joy.

Raga Yaman, John Wubbenhorst-bansuri Samrat Kakkeri-tabla

Saturday and Sunday day will include the workshop “Sacred Sound”.

Sacred Sound

The Sacred Sound Workshop  draws on the rich tradition of music and mantras from India.  Through call and response singing, the class will explore many different ragas and experience the various mystical effects of these sound forms. Through clapping and hand counting exercises, the class will  experience the bodily integration that goes with practicing classical rhythms. Samrat and John also will also lead the group in traditional chants with mantras. As part of the class, the leaders will do short performances of  traditional  pieces and play special recordings of relevant material. There will be times of meditation and information will be shared on how to integrate sacred music into your daily life. The traditional “gurukul” system of learning will be discussed and how it can be of use to us in the modern age.

Saturday night will be a kirtan occassion lead by John.

Sunday night will be a “Yoga Dance” event where world rhythms are integrated with ancient rhythms and there will be free form dancing to joyfully express bodily the bliss experienced during the weekend.